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Sunday, October 19, 2014

@_Glitchfield Weaves a Tale Eons in the Making on @_Romeda Release "Sentinel Black" EP

Darlings, you may recall some of my vices. Included are silk stockings, stilettos (both shoes and the sharp objects), string sections and stories. Oh yes, the good story. As humanity, we often know not what we do and, even more often than not, why we are doing it. This brings me to the story of "Sentinel Black" an EP released by Marshside auralnaut Glitchfield Plaines. Yes, lovers, there is glitch, but there is also much pitch -pitch BLACK that is!
As per the artist:
"The EP has a concept, almost like a mini sci-fi soundtrack.
Hence it is a little dark & unsettling in places. Nine refers to the once planet Pluto. Sentinel Black is the 'entity' that is hidden by it that has been affecting humans for years, influencing our thoughts to be evil."
This is one oddly put together signal, darlings. 'Sentinel Black' works to span several genres and, frankly,  does so in a very palatable fashion. It is ambient, has melodic elements and is backed by excellently conceived organic rhythms.
There's a Whovian overtone to the synths in the opener, 'Nine' that I find to be refreshing in the sense that it is not trying to be something else -it just is what it is: the overture to the tale about an evil (oh that WORD) entity known as Sentinel Black.
'Nine' ambles on as shepherd to a horse cart then dissolves into the murky depths of dark ambiance that is 'Beneath' which is an echoing opus that does, indeed, feel menacing, but not in the evil sense of menace. 'Beneath' is, simply put, alien and filled with machinery and lacks humanity. Is this what lies beneath? Is the waning light of the Plutonian sun not enough to deter the fears that well up in us as our all too fragile psyches and hands extend to the edges of our solar system? Perhaps this is why 'Bridgewater' feels like a sun soaked wedding. It is triumphant, but at 55 seconds, only briefly: Exeunt rays of sun, enter 'Sentinel' in all of its industrial, organic and metallic glory.
Filled with bits of streaming data, 'Sentinel' conveys a marching ant like quality as it beams its signal of corruption to the people of Earth. It looms. Yes, dear, it looms like a dagger moon.
'Altered' is a stunning conclusion to the tale. It bubbles. It is alien alchemy, turning space dust and ice into avatars of corruption. 'Altered' is ambitious, filled with counter beats and bleeps. I find that this ambition is rewarded.
Evil, dark and unsettling? Marry me, love.

Deavers Out.